Human Resources Portal

The meeting point between the HR and the workforce!

A true personal portal to optimize management processes and communication, streamlines and improves the efficiency of the personnel department. HR Portal fact allows to publish online all the services, information, employee self service for employees and applications unique to the personnel office.

The HR portal is, therefore, a very useful tool to support the relationship between the company and its staff through a single point on the web allows the entire organization to reduce the times of access to information, to facilitate consultation documents of interest to optimize the management of processes and improve the corporate image.

Through the HR portal, the Human Resources Department offers online:

all services (payroll, attendance management, budget, personnel, etc..) for the management of its employees;

an important tool for the management of numerous activities and processes (from recruitment to selection, training calendars by sending test evaluation to evaluation of allocation objectives etc.).

area of corporate communications for publication and any document of employee interest (coupon, card attendance, contractual data, salary etc.). although differentiated by the company organizational structures (branches, sectors, etc.).

a delivery point of so-called self-service options that allow employees to check their stampings and enter evidence of presence / absence, enter their holidays, expense reports, view the training plan and enroll in courses etc..

While, therefore, the HR portal facilitates the work of the HR Manager and Middle Management in the management of its employees, on the other hand allows the entire company, to access the information they need and thus be involved in the processes business.

HR Portal: the new way of working in the Human Resources Department!