Randstad Self Service

Randstad has a variety of  self service options to fit the needs of each employee or employer such as viewing payments and benefits, updating availability, and accessing helpful information. There is a requirement of being an authorized user before any personal information may be accessed from the Randstad website. Randstad self service is an electronic system that gives the workers information on certain interests that there may have been a concern about, and it contains that person’s personal information as well. This alternative gives the supervisor a chance to post interviews for hopefuls in upcoming jobs that need to be filled quickly. This gives the employer a less stressful way of finding people to fill these jobs that need workers as soon as possible. The supervisor’s section has many options as well as the employee section. This can make the process go much smoother to both parties.

Randstad is a company that hires workers to start temporarily, but there is an option to become a permanent employee if the job is done satisfactory, and when the job opening becomes available. There are jobs that may appear daily, and they can be found online through self service. This self service makes finding work so much easier that it used to be. There are other things to see on the website other than just trying to find a career or temporary work. People log on everyday to see their account, and how many openings are showing up for the day. This sight has so many advantages and features that no one could imagine.

Using the self service has many advantages to it, and there are five unique selections to choose from like human resource solutions, staffing, searching and in house solutions. It has helped many find jobs that they may not have found if they were looking somewhere else.

It is extremely easy to sign up for self service, and the laborer or staff is able to register by entering the required personal information from the front page of the Randstad site in the section marked “My Randstad”. Your email address will need to be entered along with a password, and there will be a confirmation sent back to your mailbox. Once that email has been accepted, the user is able to access the account with Randstad as well as complete the profile information. The system will also ask for a user name and password for retrieving purposes at a later time.

There are distinct functions the self service can perform for the clients found on the homepage. The Randstad job search option is actually accessible to anyone who may be interested in future employment, and it is found on the Randstad homepage. It also gives the hiring overseer a chance to find the candidates right for the upcoming work that requires certain standards or criteria. A Randstad office can be located with the click of a button when using this site’s office search tool. Randstad’s patrons are able to change benefit information when logging in to self service and anything else there is an issue with can be dealt with if needed to be. There is career counseling and training that people most people are unaware of to bring success. Everything can get taken care of in one place, and at one time pretty much. The participant needs to be careful though because some browsers will have difficulty performing with the self service program due to its settings.

Randstad self service is a leader when it comes to job searching and online communications.

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